5 Points to Jucy Rentals


Sadly, our amazing road-trip through the West-coast has already been so long ago! But when I look back on it I still think one of the most special parts of the trip was with our camper-van rental. I don’t know if Jucy Rentals sounds familiar to you, but I hadn’t heard from it before our trip. Of course, we didn’t come up with the whole idea of traveling through the USA with a camper, but the decision of renting one was the best! Renting a camper-van in the States it not crazy cheap, calculating you’re not allowed to set it up wherever you want.  That’s important to know before you rent one: You’ll still need a campsite. Despite this little side-note: renting a camper-van should be on your Bucket-list. We picked Jucy Rentals and picked our camper-van up in Las Vegas, drove it through all the astonishing National Parks all the way to San Francisco.


Let me share the benefits we experienced with you!

  1. No timetable but your own!

I really loved the fact that you can go whenever and wherever you want to go. Seriously, the only thing you must take in account is to arrive at the final station (in our case SanFran) at the right date. That’s all! Why is this amazing? We did a LOT of driving, a LOT! The USA has distances very different from my cozy Netherlands! So yes, we had a ‘planning’ on where we wanted to go and what to see, but some days you just want to stay longer, drive less or do that other hike. That’s why having all the time to yourself was so great! By example; we planned on going to Lake Tahoe, but instead visited Napa. This was way more on the road, and therefore we had more time to spend there, instead of on the road!


  1. You never need to worry about setting up your ‘tent’ in the dark!

It doesn’t matter what time you arrive somewhere. Instead of the usual camping when you don’t want to set up your tent in the pitch-black-night, with this camper-van it doesn’t matter at all! Five minutes is really all it takes. You just pop-up the ‘penthouse’, get the ladder and your set. As I mentioned before, you are supposed to look for a campsite. But to be honest we didn’t follow this the way we should have. We also spend a night on a parking-lot, next to a ‘saloon’, because it was too late to continue the drive. This adds some excitement to be honest, and we got a great breakfast address for the next morning!


  1. You can cook whenever you want!

Okay, maybe it sounds crazy, but I really liked this part! The camper-van has a cooking station in the back, including pots, plates and cutlery. Seriously? Yes! You open the trunk, and your kitchen is ready. Also, it has a fridge. On the road and on the verge of hangry? Seriously, this safes lives! More than once, we stopped to cook at a random parking-lot. Not your thing? How about a romantic dinner under the starts in the middle of nowhere? That’s what I mean.


  1. You can go to every campsite you want.

What? Yes! When you go visit some of USA’s amazing National Parks you’ll notice that some of them aren’t as flat as the Netherlands! In the country of go big or go home people drive vehicles the size of an entire city, but guess what? You cannot get it on that amazing campsite! But hey, if you have this van you’re flexible and light enough! Especially in Yosemite this was a big advantage!

  1. You cannot travel unnoticed!

This last one is tricky! We didn’t have the standard Jucy camper-van, which made me quite happy to be honest. You see, the colors of Jucy are bright green with crazy purple. So really, there is no way you will be unseen in this. Ours was a little less brightly colored in grey and purple. Although still… you never have to look for the car in the parking-lot. Secondly, others notice you too. No, I’m not that much in need for attention. But people start to recognize the ‘Jucy’s’ and are very interested by it. So, people like to have a little chit-chat and see how Jucy works. So, you can totally practice your selling skills… Just Kidding! But It’s all good fun.

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