Whale watching in Dapoe Bay


When we stayed in Portland we drove up to Dapoe Bay at the coast. This is an amazing little place where everything is centered around Whale Watching.



Whale watching was something we really wanted to do! A while back I was in Portugal and went dolphin watching, but had the bad luck that no dolphin was willing to show itself. So I was really afraid that the whales would act the same way, and we would be disappointed. But hey, no risk no fun right?


Luckily for us, the opposite was true about the whales, and I’m thankful to them for that;) Dapoe bay is really amazing because you actually don’t need to get on a boat to see the whales. Seriously! You can see them from the coast!! How awesome is that??! So if you don’t wanna pay for a boat ride, this is still the place to go! However, I still had to recover from my dolphin experience so we did sign op for the boat ride.

And I am so glad we did!! I loved it so much!! Alhough I got to experience a whole new challenge: how in the world do you make a nice photo of a whale while standing on a boat that moves so much that you need to hang on for dear life? That was quite a challenge.

Unfortunately that made taking photos so difficult, the result will be disappointing for you guys. I would have loved to share some amazing whale photo’s.. But the following are the best I could do.


But I guess that means you all have to go and experience it yourself too!! And if you do, please let met know how  you handled the combination of boat and photography!!

I did do my best for you guys, and made this video for you to share the experience after all, despite the few photo’s. I hope you enjoy it:)


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