How I lost my heart in San Fransico…

After our tour trough all amazing National Parks, the first city we arrived at was San Francisco. If you’re a fan of diversity this is the city to fall in love with!

To be honest I had a little trouble adjusting to big city life after all the peaceful nature we had spent the last couple of days at. Or maybe it’s just because Groningen isn’t that big 😉

Still San Francisco is an awesome city! People even cycle, which I think is very impressive since the roads are pretty steep. And a Dutchie like my was a little intimidated by that, although used to cycling usually. Maybe all the driving makes me lazy..

We obviously visited a few touristy spots like the Golden Gate Bridge. And Pier 39. Both I really enjoyed!


Walking the Golden Gate Bridge is very impressive! I mean it looks amazing from a distance but when you walk it you can really witness how big it is. How impressive are the people who create such a thing! And also important: we had nice bright weather to witness it!

Pier 39 is also one of the things you cannot skip when in San Francisco. For some reason this is the place seals choose to hang out, and come back to every time. But if you don’t get the chance to see it for yourself: of course I got it on video for you. Check it out!

They are hilarious to watch!

In between visiting these hotspots we enjoyed our time here walking around and trying out nice bars and places to eat. And this city has a lot of those!!!!

But our last night we enjoyed something very American! In the Netherlands there is only one sport that’s really big: soccer. But luckily for me the Americans have a few more sports they enjoy! One of them is of course baseball!!!!! Watching a baseball game was one of the things I really wanted to do when in the US and what better place to do this then in San Francisco with The Giants! I loved it! Especially the entertainment they do in between makes it a real family activity. And that is what you see: complete families enjoying the game together! Oh and also important: the Giants won that night! What better way to end our last night in this amazing city!

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