It’s always wine o’clock somewhere..


The advantage off being on a road-trip is that you can change your route whenever you want. We did this after visiting Yosemite, as we drove to Napa. I was always curious about Napa because it was part of one of my favorite movies growing up (The Parent Trap), so I was super excited when I learned it was kind-off ‘on the way’ to San Francisco. And it didn’t disappoint!

Napa is famous for all it’s vineyards. It makes the drive trough there very amazing, lots of idyllic houses surrounded by the straight lines of the vineyards. My goodness, I would love to live in one of those houses. It really is the perfect romantic scenery.

We only spend one day here, but I loved every bit of it. It really feels like sitting in paradise with a glass of wine in your hand. I mean, you can’t go to wine country without having a sip right? Or maybe two.

The best way to go about it is to go to the Napa Valley Welcome Center. They know everything about the vineyards and all the places you can go for a great wine tasting. They gave us great advice and send us to this awesome place for a wine tasting. It’s called Ashes & Diamonds Winery It is an awesome, new and hip winery.


The staff is super friendly and helpful. They even let you ‘split’ the tasting. Cause in our case (and probably of many others visiting) we were there by car, so we couldn’t both get shit faced. We have done more wine-tastings, so we kinda know the drill, where in the end you spit it out. But hey, at this winery you just get a glass so you can taste and drink the wine. LOVED IT! The wine is very good, and the bottles look very nice too. Unfortunate we had to fly in a few days so we couldn’t bring bottles with us. But if you visit: you should definitely buy some wine there!!!



If you’re in the area, do not skip NAPA! Next to all the vineyards Napa Valley also has a lot of great shops and bars where you can hang out and enjoy.

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