Want to have an amazing time in Zions National Park? This is how we did it!



Our roadtrip on the West-Coast has been an amazing experience so far, but for me Zions National Park was a big highlight of the trip! I love it there!

The difference between Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon is that there seems to be more water and is therefore more green. No, that doesn’t mean is way colder there, it’s plenty hot! But you do see more plants, trees and animals.

The animals are like in the Grand Canyon not shy at all. We camped in the park overnight and we woke up with deer next to our car. How amazing is that?

What also made it great for me was a amazing trip on horseback , with a guide who could tell everything about our surroundings. It was brilliant! I had the best day ever! For Jan it was a little more intense to sit on horseback for a few hours, cause he hasn’t done it before. But he did great! I would definitly recommend this to everyone! If you’re not experienced you can go for an 1 hour trip, but we did an awsome three hours! Go check it out! You can’t miss this!


But also for hiking Zions National Park is great! You can hike to Angels Landing as Jan did! It’s maybe not the best match if you are afraid of heights (like me) but if that doesnt trouble you, why would’nt you go?? Its a steep and narrow trail, with an outstanding view! And opposite to the Grand Canyon you can decide to go back anytime. Although you may wanna hang out at Zion’s a little longer! We definetly did’nt spend enough time there, we both felt like we could stay there forever!


But we have more places to see! Next stop: Yosemite (and the amazing drive there trough Death Valley)

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  1. Jan M says:

    My new most favorite spot on the planet 🙂

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