How grand is the Grand Canyon really? And what to expect if you’re going to hike there.


The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I mean, that’s what I had heard, and I expected it to be quite amazing. But seeing it with your own eyes… It is breathtaking!!!!

Although I must say, by the time I had finished our hike down and up this amazing rock formation, I had totally lost my breath for other reasons too.

To be fair, upfront we talked about  hiking the Grand Canyon, and the challenge that would be. But I think we underestimated it a little. You see, the challenge of the Grand Canyon is, you go down first, and then you have to come back up. It’s not like hiking a mountain, where the road to the top is challenging, but the downwards return is a nice reward. Nope, it’s the other way around, which makes it really hard to realize how far you should really go. Cause, how hard will the way back be?? So this part we talked about upfront, but who knew we would do this hike on the hottest day imaginable (for a Dutchie like me). Over 40 degrees it was on our ‘hiking day’. But we were optimistic, positive and happy going down. I’ll show you some of our hike…



The way back up was really hard on me. Jan was a hero and he did an amazing job hiking. I made it (makes sense right since I write this blog) but really on my last resources.  Too much sun and heat gave me heat exhaustion, and this made the last part very intense. But hey, you have no choice right? I mean, there are still other places in the US we also want to pay a visit. And even though the Grand Canyon is worth sticking around for, it wasn’t my plan to sleep on the trail.


Still I am very proud and happy we did this hike! And I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Just pick a little cooler day, and you should be fine! And even with the heat, the view of this amazing piece of nature is totally worth it. I can’t believe we have witnessed it!! Something to come back for!

Wanna hear something depressing?

Yes, that’s right. We hiked on the wrong day. But had an amazing challenge!


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