What happens in Vegas….


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I won’t tell you how I hurt my hand. But it had something to do with a crazy bull.

Seriously, Las Vegas, how can someone describe you? other than: you are astonishing!

We walked around the first day without talking to each other cause we were so occupied with everything we saw around us. It is crazy! To think people build a city like that in the desert. But you barely have to walk in the heat cause most hotels and restaurants are all connected.


It’s like Las Vegas has a competition going on about which hotel is bigger and more insane. Rollercoaster in a hotel? Pirate ship? Gondola’s in the second floor of the hotel. Crazy stuff!

Gambling of course, and while you play you get free drinks. So why not gamble? It’s cheaper than beer (just not with our gambling skill – I must say).  And all the shows you can go see. It’s great.


Maybe the best way to describe Las Vegas is: surreal. You escape in a surreal world. Only entertainment and no problems (except for my little hand trouble), I guess that’s why people love it.


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