To the Stars


Walking on a street of stars… yes we are at the walk of fame! And you know what? Totally not what I expected. Not necessarily in a bad way. But when I think of Hollywood and the walk of fame I think of a shiny and glamourous area, with celebrities and paparazzi. Okay, to be fair we did see a red carpet where people were waiting for George Cloony. But other than that the area looks quite run down. You’ll meet a lot of people begging for money.  Again this points out the extremes of America.


To get a star on the walk of fame you have to pay about 40k. And on those stars people are begging for money to survive.

Another ‘extreme’ for me was to see Amish people here. Standing on the pavement, singing their hymns right in front of adult shops. Can you imagine?

Anyways, the whole experience of the walk of fame is definitely worth a visit! I mean, it’s quite amazing to see how many people have earned a star there, for all of their great work. You can walk for hours and not run out of stars.


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