An American breakfast

When we started our trip to the US we knew this is the country of “go big or go home”. This really goes for everything here! It’s quite shocking how this is truly the country of the extremes. The biggest struggle here is the search for a healthy meal.

We started in LA, which is -I guess- the only place in the US where every body is slim, trained and very pretty. Beachbodies everywhere! But also a lot of plastic surgery. Not necessarily the place to blend in easily as a tourist, or at least that’s how I feel.

When we left the beautiful Netherlands we talked about the food choises we would make in the US, cause we wanted to try to stay healthy. Although, ofcourse, we also have to get some real American food. But I didn’t realise upfront how big and fatty America really is, and how hard to find a light meal. Let me show you our first introduction to a real American breakfast.

And then I’d also love to share a fun fact Jan taught me about this particular breakfast.

Bon appetit!

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