L.A. and American houses

Surprise, surprise….. Trump wasn’t at the airport (!! I really had this visualized!!!) to send us back and neither did anyone else. So we’ve made it to out first destination at the West-coast: Los Angeles!!! Yay!

We’re staying over here a couple of days at a Airbnb. Fun fact: if you -like me- had a picture in your head of what American houses and streets look like, it’s exactly that! Let me show you!

Told ya! It really looks American.

Afther this we went to Huntington beach. We started with really Dutch weather today. So I think they’re easing us in for the real LA weather.

Huntington beach is famous for surfing and we’re planning on doing that later this week. It was also great for a nice morning walk on the pier and amazing breakfast. So thats what we did. Fun fact: At breakfast they really carry a coffee pot and they keep giving you a refill. It’s amazing

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